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Digital Camera for Holiday

Are you ready for a real adventure and holiday? Where is your holiday destination in near future? Let's go to Bali, the last paradise on earth. 

 Bali is the best destination for vacation, scuba diving, honeymoon, night life, outdoor sports, yoga, spa, business conference, and many more. Bring your family to Bali for a fantastic holiday. 

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Kodak moment with Balinese dancers
Vacation in Bali without a digital camera is not a complete holiday. Before you take off with your airplane make sure that your digital camera already in your bag. 

Don’t forget to charge your battery and bring two or more extra memory (SD card) so you can take picture more. There are a lot of beautiful view and fantastic attractions in Bali such as performance of Barong dance, Kecak dance and Balinese wedding ceremony,  Balinese temple ritual.

This island always improves the facility for tourist attraction. Don't forget to see beautiful sunset in  Kuta Beach, Dreamland, Tanah Lot, and Padang Padang Beach because these place is great place to take beautiful pictures. 

 Panasonic Lumix, Pentax, Canon, Kodak EasyShare, Nikon Coolpix, Olympus, Casio, Samsung, Sony CyberShot, GE camera, and many kind of ultra compact size, superzoom and semi professional digital camera, also Digital SLR or mirror less camera. Choose a digital camera that suit to your need and match to your budget. 

Most digital camera already equipped with anti shake or anti blur, so you can shoot picture without blur. It’s a good idea if you choose a digital camera with minimum of 10 mega pixels. You can choose lenses with 5 optical zoom or more, so you can shoot a longer distance. This kind of lenses is very good for traveling.
camera for holiday, holiday in bali, holiday in paradise

Go to your travel agent now to book your hotel and airline ticket, because so many event, art and cultural attraction in Bali. You will have a chance to get accommodation and airline ticket with a special price. 

Don’t forget to bring your new digital camera. Please add at least 8 GB  memory for extra, so you would not lost any beautiful moment in Bali. 

 Enjoy your adventure and vacation in Bali.