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Beautiful temple: Taman Ayun

If you have a chance to visit Bali, don’t forget to visit a beautiful temple in Bali, Pura Taman Ayun, This temple is one of tourist places and destination in Bali; it is popular with The Temple and beautiful garden.
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Taman Ayun Temple is a Royal Temple of Mengwi Empire .The temple of Taman Ayun is in Bali's Mengwi district. The name Taman Ayun means "beautiful garden". Taman Ayun Temple is nestled in Mengwi 18 kilometers northwest of Denpasar, Bali. It was probably built in 1634, according to local history this temple was built by I Gusti Agung, the king of Mengwi. Mengwi is derived from the word Arya Menguri, who was the founder of the former capital of Mengwi. Taman Ayun means a beautiful garden in the word, which is suitable for everybody who so desire. It gives comfort and a happy life to all creatures especially to human beings. Taman means pool or flower garden and Ayun means suitable for everybody. The temple and the grounds were restored in 1973. There is a calm tranquil feeling in the cool gardens with beautiful ponds.

7 Fantastic beaches in Bali

Bali have many names such as Bali paradise island, Bali Island of the gods, Bali last paradise. Bali is famous as a tourist destination that is recognized by the whole world. Bali famous for its natural beauty and cultural richness that is unique, so was the beach in Bali is also one of the 10 best beaches in the world, where and what are the most beautiful beaches in Bali this?

Pantai Padang Bai is located in the port of crossing Bali - Lombok is Padang Bai, the beach is maintained cleanliness and beauty. Divers really like this beach. Because even adjacent to the port but the sea biota are still very well maintained. But careful if you want to kuta beach, night life in kuta, seminyak beachdive here, sometimes the current is very fast.

You should go to Legian and Seminyak. It is located on the coast north of Kuta beach has the same atmosphere Kuta beach, but beaches at Legian and Seminyak are distinguished by Kuta beach is clean and the atmosphere is not so crowded. Legian and Seminyak beach is a favorite place of my sunset pictures, because the atmosphere of the sunset each day is never the same and very unique.

Big Bike Tour in Bali

Stay at home in this weekend? No, you must go out. Bali is the best solution to heal you from daily life pressure. Let’s release the stress in Bali. Feel the warm of friendly smile of the Balinese, enjoy the tasty food, and clean your eyes to see the green view of the woods, blue sky above the horizon of the beaches. Can we find a night life in Bali? Why not?
There are many places in Candi Dasa, Kuta, Seminyak, Legian and Sanur or Ubud to enjoy wine, disco, and other amusing entertainment.

There is another fantastic way to enjoy Bali. Ask the receptionist at your hotel that you want to rent a motor bike, so you can ride alone or with your partner. HIMPUNAN MOTOR TUA (HMT) BALI or Classical Motor Bike Club will provide you several of old motor bike made in Germany, British or USA. They will escort you to ride around Bali, so you can see Bali as a real man. Remember Terminator? Wow, you will look a like him, but in Balinese way, because they will give you a Balinese costume. Wow, you ride a big old motor bike with a Balinese costume? It’s awesome man.

If you like you can go to another island with HMT club, such as Lombok Island, a sister of Bali. They will escort you and show you all beautiful places in Bali and Lombok, even to east Java if you like.