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7 Fantastic beaches in Bali

Bali have many names such as Bali paradise island, Bali Island of the gods, Bali last paradise. Bali is famous as a tourist destination that is recognized by the whole world. Bali famous for its natural beauty and cultural richness that is unique, so was the beach in Bali is also one of the 10 best beaches in the world, where and what are the most beautiful beaches in Bali this?

Pantai Padang Bai is located in the port of crossing Bali - Lombok is Padang Bai, the beach is maintained cleanliness and beauty. Divers really like this beach. Because even adjacent to the port but the sea biota are still very well maintained. But careful if you want to kuta beach, night life in kuta, seminyak beachdive here, sometimes the current is very fast.

You should go to Legian and Seminyak. It is located on the coast north of Kuta beach has the same atmosphere Kuta beach, but beaches at Legian and Seminyak are distinguished by Kuta beach is clean and the atmosphere is not so crowded. Legian and Seminyak beach is a favorite place of my sunset pictures, because the atmosphere of the sunset each day is never the same and very unique.

Dreamland Beach is very popular tourist foreign tourists, white sand stretches very wide. Coral reefs and beaches adorn this large, one white sand beach in Bali is very beautiful and exotic. Unfortunately only accholiday in candi dasa, candi dasa beach, pantai candi dasaess to this place because it's rather difficult to enter the luxury housing complex and a very steep road down, so cautious in rainy season.

Sanur area and the surrounding area one of the first developing tourism in Bali, we can feel the atmosphere of the village with the peace than in other coastal areas. Since large scale renovation Sanur beach today turned into a very beautiful beaches and friendly. The many activities and resorts located in Sanur Beach. Sanur makes a decent alternative beach visit.

Amed and Tulamben beach is adjacent beach, almost like a second character of this beach. Amed beach but still very much a virgin and not many domestic tourists come here. Tulamben beach is favored by the Diver who wadolphine in lovina beach, snorkelling in lovina, sunrise in lovinants to dive here.

If you want to see dolphin you must go to Lovina beach, a famous beach located on the northern island of Bali, because the sand is black, also very popular in this Lovina Beach is every morning we could see a bunch of Dolphin fish - dolphin that played on this beach. To see these dolphins we can hire a fishing boat that can be ordered directly in hotel or fishermen. Do not forget to bring a telephoto lens and wide, because it could have dolphins suddenly appeared beside you.

Island east of Bali and 2 trips from Denpasar you will find a recreational area that is well-known Candidasa, and the beauty of the beaches are very stunning. Many activities can be conducted on this beach such as diving.

Holiday to Bali is the right choice for everyone, also you.


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Beautifulmingles said...

Bali is known for its beaches- names such as Bali paradise island, Bali Island of the gods, Bali last paradise.
Very clean and beautiful beaches with white sand.
Bali beaches - best destinations for First daters, honeymooners, vacationers.