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Best Night life in Bali

Holiday in Bali is a fantastic adventure. You will not lonely in the island. Trust me, Bali is the best place to enjoy life and meet new friends. Let's enjoy the best night life in paradise. 

After one day tour to visit many tourist destination around Bali, you should ready for an extra adventure; a night life in Bali. You'll find the atmosphere is generally laid-back and festive with about 10 decent options for clubbing on weekends.

Bali club scene mostly starts around midnight. Diversions come in the form of restaurants, cafe, nightclubs, and bars - either stand-alone or in-house hotel dining and entertainment outlets.
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Party in paradise. Image:

Many visitors wonder where crowds of expats suddenly come from around 1:00 in the morning – even when all of Kuta and Seminyak has been very quiet during the whole evening, the In-places often become crowded after midnight. We can enjoy the music, dance, and surrounded by International people.

night life in Bali, top night life, Kuta night life, Seminyak bars, Sanur, Jimbaran, night life spots, party in Bali
Let's dance in paradise. Image:

Bali's best nightlife venues and best clubs are mostly spread throughout its southern regions of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak, and several spots around Bukit, near Nusa Dua and Jimbaran. Don’t worry, you can find great night life in Sanur beach area too. 

night life in Bali, top night life, Kuta night life, Seminyak bars, Sanur, Jimbaran, night life spots, party in Bali
Fantastic night. Image:

There's a simple explanation: during the early evenings many of Bali's night owls either still work, visit friends at home, or simply sleep. Most of them visit pubs, café, bars, or discos only in the early morning hours. Therefore, if you plan a night out don't start your dinner too early. Between 9:00 p.m. and midnight. According to, if you are young, in holiday, and that you would like to experience a sort of college party, go to Kuta. If you are older, and you want a more sophisticated nightlife, go to Seminyak.

Discover Bali’sTop 10 Best Clubs:

1. Bounty Ship, or Bounty Discotheque, is one of Bali's legendary hotspots. Great for drink and dance.
Meet new friends. Image:
2. Jenja features an ultra-chic Middle-Eastern restaurant on its top level, while a spiraling stairs transports you down to its nightclub where a bar serves a great selection of cocktails and booze adjacent a dance floor, DJ booth and lounges.
3. Mint Bali is one of Seminyak’s go-to night venues catering to clubbers looking for great company, with drinks and after-dinner gatherings.
4. Adora Super Club in Sanur is comprised of various entertainment and leisure components, such as a boutique and café, a karaoke centre, and a main indoor stage complete with a bar and equipped with Martin Audio sound systems.
5. Sky Garden is part of the 61 Legian Entertainment Complex, and actually the whole site is a nightlife destination with multiple clubs inside. The rooftop lounge has become a favourite for its all-you-can-eat buffets.
6. District Bali (formerly Musro Bali) is Bali's premier nightclub, presenting live cabaret shows not found elsewhere on the island, featuring professional dancers taking to the dazzling stage nightly.
7. Eikon is another of Legian's one-stop nightlife spots, combining a restaurant, bar and lounge as one single venue. Its bar rocks live music to a regular partying crowd.
8. Pyramid Club Bali is located on Jalan Dewi Sri, conveniently between Legian and Kuta. The nightclub welcomes night owls to its roster of international resident.
9. Boshe VVIP Club adds to Kuta's nightlife and clubbing options, situated on the outer limits, on Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai.
10. Velvet and Hypnotized or VH Bali on the rooftop of Kuta Beachwalk offers great vantage points to enjoy Kuta's sunsets while lounging on its cosy deck.

Visitors who looking for company don't need to worry. Wherever you go in Legian, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Ubud and the Kuta area, there are many other single travelers with the same problem around – day and night. You can find your future fiancé in Bali. Who knows? Your next destiny probably in Bali.

Fantastic diving and snorkeling in Bali

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Fantastic snorkeling in Bali. Image:
Bali is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and very popular for dive holiday destination. Many visitors find the attraction of good shore-based resort diving set against a stunning back drop of huge, magnificent volcanoes and picturesque rice paddy terraces, simply irresistible.

Many dive-heads — including those who've made pilgrimages to the Red Sea, the Great Barrier Reef, and Manado—swear that Bali also has the best diving sites in the world. The waters of Bali are surprisingly unheralded. There are great diving site in Bali such as in Tulamben or Nusa Penida. The Bali dive season runs all year round. Basically you can dive or snorkel along the season.
scuba diving in Bali, Amed, Tulamben, snorkeling in Bali, underwater photography, holiday in bali, nightlife in Bali, Pulau Menjangan, candi dasa,
Bali dive sites. Image:

Overall, the best diving conditions exist from April to December, with sunfish, sharks and other pelagic fish visiting from June to September. December to March is rainy season, reducing visibility in the north and northwest - Tulamben, Amed, Gili Selang, Pemuteran and Menjangan. From June to September dry monsoon winds bring rough seas and nutrient rich upwellings to Nusa Penida, Padang Bay and Amuk Bay.

The best dive sites for beginners are around Amed, Padang Bay, and Pulau Menjangan which have very light or often no current at all. If you've got a lot of experience, so you can dive in the Candidasa, Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Penida. The current can sometimes be very strong and several dive sites around Bali should be treated with care and respect.

Enjoy eco tourism in Ubud, the best city in Asia

Ubud the best city in Asia, yoga in ubud, yoga class, ayung rafting, adventure in bali, Eat Pray Love, museum, honeymoon,
Beautiful rice field in Ubud. Image:
You will love Ubud, a very unique town in Bali. The Ubud area is around two- to three hundred meters above sea level and surrounded by rice fields, which makes it noticeably cooler than then other tourist destinations in Bali. Ubud is one of the best place to feel the atmosphere of the green holiday in Bali. 

Ubud the best city in Asia, yoga in ubud, yoga class, ayung rafting, adventure in bali, Eat Pray Love, museum, honeymoon,
Lotus Garden in Ubud. Image:
After the island of Bali has been named as the best island in Asia, Ubud also attracted the attention of world travelers. Ubud, a small town located in Gianyar, Bali is also made ​​it into the top 10 best cities in Asia.

A world traveling magazine Conde Nast Traveler (CN Traveler), often hold various polls around the world of tourism. After conducting a poll 10 best island in Asia, CN Traveler again held a poll to select the 10 best cities in Asia. In the poll, Ubud in Bali also made ​​it into the top 10. The great news is reported from the site of the CN Traveler, Novemver 1, 2012.

Exotic adventure in Bali

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A thrilling rafting on the Ayung River. Image:
If you are on holiday in Bali you will definitely watch Barong dance performance like dance or Kecak dance. 

Maybe you will join a yoga class or learn to cook and enjoy the spa and other interesting activities such as culinary tours to museums and moreover you will find the joy of drinking organic coffee or Kopi Luwak in a coffee plantation in Kintamani. 

Is it only the activities that you would do during a holiday in Bali? Let's do a bit of adventure in this paradise island.

Explore the ford of Bali natures walk surrounded by the beauty of natural environment with multifarious of flora and fauna, see the friendliness of Balinese resident in the rural area and explore every corner of Bali land. You can enjoy many interesting adventure such as White Water Rafting, Paragliding, Horse Riding, Land Cruise, Kayaking, Elephant Safari Ride, Jungle and Village Trekking, Mountain and Village Cycling, VW Safari,  Sea Walker and many more. 

The beautiful Hindu ceremony in Bali

Beautiful ceremony on the beach. Image:
If you are in Bali, you are not only treated to views of shore, mountains, lakes, terraced rice fields, rivers with beautiful valley. Bali will give you peace in any community activities, both in the fields of arts, cultural and religious ceremonies are unique, festive, in a traditional ceremony at the core of Hinduism.

Hindu public religious ceremonies in Bali are different with a festive ceremony Hindu religion in India, Nepal and the Hindu countries. You will be fascinated by Balinese gamelan (musical parade) when a Hindu ceremony in Bali running along the countryside, along the shore with the background a beautiful sunset.

Pura Batu Bolong, a unique temple in heaven

Pura Batu Bolong, Hindu temple in Bali
A hole of the Batu Bolong temple. Image:

Bali has many nicknames such as Bali called "The Last Paradise", "Bali Island of the Gods"; Bali is also dubbed as the Island of Thousand Temples (Pura). 

Pura Besakih is known as the largest temple in Bali, perhaps one of the biggest Hindu temples in the world. If you go to Bali, make sure you visit Besakih and a unique temple, the Pura Batu Bolong. This unique temple can be found on the beach Segara Batu Bolong, in the traditional village of Canggu, North Kuta district, Badung. Batu Bolong temple is facing the sea south of the island of Bali. Distance from Denpasar to the location of the temple about 7 km. From the location of the temple pamedek can witness the beautiful scenery along the coastline in the area of ​​Kuta and the Bukit.

Digital Camera for Holiday

Are you ready for a real adventure and holiday? Where is your holiday destination in near future? Let's go to Bali, the last paradise on earth. 

 Bali is the best destination for vacation, scuba diving, honeymoon, night life, outdoor sports, yoga, spa, business conference, and many more. Bring your family to Bali for a fantastic holiday. 

digital camera for holiday, vacation in bali, holiday in paradise
Kodak moment with Balinese dancers
Vacation in Bali without a digital camera is not a complete holiday. Before you take off with your airplane make sure that your digital camera already in your bag. 

Don’t forget to charge your battery and bring two or more extra memory (SD card) so you can take picture more. There are a lot of beautiful view and fantastic attractions in Bali such as performance of Barong dance, Kecak dance and Balinese wedding ceremony,  Balinese temple ritual.