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Barong Dance

Bali is a beautiful tropical island. You can enjoy the nature, food, art and culture. So, don’t forget to attend a great Balinese performance. The Barong Dance is one of the Balinese beautiful dances, funny plus actions and very attractive.

"Lord of the forest" and magical protector of Balinese villages, the Barong is a mythical, shaggy half-dog, half-lion creature,awith long mane, fantastic fangs, and bulging eyes. It is propelled by two men who maneuver the costume with whimsical and mischievous movements to express its fun-loving nature.

Barong's opponent is Rangda, the evil witch who rules over the spirits of Darkness.

The Barong dance epitomizes the eternal struggle between good and evil. The fight of Barong and Rangda is also a topic of traditional narratives performed in temples and takes various forms. The Barong will snap its jaws at the gamelan, prancearound a bit, and enjoy the acclaim of its supporters - a group of kris-wielding men. Then ferocious Rangda will then appear lolling her long tongue, baring her threatening fangs, her neck draped with human entrails...not a pretty sight.

Fantastic Underwater-World in Bali

Bali is a beautiful tropical island in Sout East Asia. Discover a fantastic underwater world in Bali, so you can enjoy a real vacation in a tropical paradise. There are many beautiful locations that you can dive. Candi Dasa is one of the best havens to see an extraordinary the deep of Bali sea. Just
offshore from Candi Dasa is tiny Tepekong, a little outcrop that offers some spectacular diving. The coral walls are steep, the water is cold, and the current can be strong. But for an experienced diver, drifting with a 3 knot current through The Canyon offers an unforgettable underwater experience.

If you have an extra times don’t forget to dive in Amed because Amed is a perfect place for those wishing to get right away from it. Amed is a very slow paced village where technology hasn't caught up. There are a number of dive sites in the area that offer some nice drop offs with good coral and diver fish. Most of the diving is done out of local boats, however shore diving is available from Jemeluk Bay.

Weekend in Paradise

Where are going this weekend? Go to the mall? It’s a good idea, but you’ve already visited your favorite mall almost every day. Let’s decide a different idea. Imagine that you will enjoy the ocean breeze with a candle light in Jimbaran Bay, near Nusa Dua, Bali. Imagine the taste of delicious sea food with a special Balinese recipe. It’s a romantic holiday.

Bali is well-known as the last tropical paradise on earth. Art and culture are alive in Bali. Every time you visit this tropical island you’ll see cultural and ritual activities. Balinese music, dance, painting, handicrafts, t-shirts, and other Balinese souvenir are very attractive. A night life in Bali is amazing and amusing. Just go to Seminyak and Kuta Beach, where you can enjoy wine, disco, live music, or just watch the sunset in Kuta Beach. Another place to enjoy a beautiful sunset is in Pura Tanah Lot, Tabanan.

Don’t worry about accommodation. Bali is a large resort in the world. There are many cozy hotels, small and five star or boutique hotels. Do you prefer to stay in Villa, yes, why not? There are also hotels, home stay or accommodations for backpackers.

Don’t forget to see dolphin parade in Lovina Beach, Singaraja in north of Bali. Another place to fill your intellectual and sense of your art are Ubud, Mas, and Tegalalang in Gianyar. You can visit art gallery and museum in Ubud. If you want to release stress Ubud is the best place. Enjoy a traditional spa and yoga in Ubud is a great choice. If you like to feel a little adventure you can climb Mount Batur with a beautiful lake, wow what a wonderful day during in Bali. Let's go to Bali.

Romantic Honeymoon in Paradise

wedding in bali, honeymoon in bali, romantic holiday in baliA marriage is full of joy, love, and it’s also a holy event when a couple unites. If you’re thinking of a honeymoon, that’s a great idea. There’s no point in staying home for a honeymoon! There’s a lot of places to see in the world, and also ideal for honeymoon. So, if you haven’t decided yet, prepare yourself and your spouse to go to a tropical island that has been The Last Paradise, Bali.

The weather is very friendly, and Bali also has many beautiful places. If you go to the travel agent, you can ask about what kind of hotel or villa you like. Make sure you ask what kind of sensation you want. There’s a calm and relaxing atmosphere in the villages, a bustling atmosphere in the bustling cities, and also a mix of both. You can also take the mountains, the lakes view, the villages, the beaches, and so many more.

Holiday in All Seasons

Bali is the best island resorts in the world. If you have the opportunity to travel to the island of Bali, you will discover the island is very unique. The nature of the people and the island itself is friendly to the visitors. They are friendly and tolerance to foreigners. If the Balinese see you’re just wearing bikini on the beach they do not complain as long as you do not walk naked in public area.

Most Balinese are Hindu, but you will find that Hinduism in Bali a little different than in India or other country. Hinduism in Bali is blend with local wisdom and the old tradition. Balinese Hindu lives in harmony with the followers of other religions, including the Christians, Buddhists, Moslems, and others. That’s why a lot of foreigner chooses Bali as a place to live for a long time in the island.

The harmonious blend of the inherited culture of Hindu and Majapahit Java finally forms special characteristics for Bali’s community and culture without losing the touch of local culture.