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The beautiful Hindu ceremony in Bali

Beautiful ceremony on the beach. Image:
If you are in Bali, you are not only treated to views of shore, mountains, lakes, terraced rice fields, rivers with beautiful valley. Bali will give you peace in any community activities, both in the fields of arts, cultural and religious ceremonies are unique, festive, in a traditional ceremony at the core of Hinduism.

Hindu public religious ceremonies in Bali are different with a festive ceremony Hindu religion in India, Nepal and the Hindu countries. You will be fascinated by Balinese gamelan (musical parade) when a Hindu ceremony in Bali running along the countryside, along the shore with the background a beautiful sunset.

Pura Batu Bolong, a unique temple in heaven

Pura Batu Bolong, Hindu temple in Bali
A hole of the Batu Bolong temple. Image:

Bali has many nicknames such as Bali called "The Last Paradise", "Bali Island of the Gods"; Bali is also dubbed as the Island of Thousand Temples (Pura). 

Pura Besakih is known as the largest temple in Bali, perhaps one of the biggest Hindu temples in the world. If you go to Bali, make sure you visit Besakih and a unique temple, the Pura Batu Bolong. This unique temple can be found on the beach Segara Batu Bolong, in the traditional village of Canggu, North Kuta district, Badung. Batu Bolong temple is facing the sea south of the island of Bali. Distance from Denpasar to the location of the temple about 7 km. From the location of the temple pamedek can witness the beautiful scenery along the coastline in the area of ​​Kuta and the Bukit.