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The beautiful Hindu ceremony in Bali

Beautiful ceremony on the beach. Image:
If you are in Bali, you are not only treated to views of shore, mountains, lakes, terraced rice fields, rivers with beautiful valley. Bali will give you peace in any community activities, both in the fields of arts, cultural and religious ceremonies are unique, festive, in a traditional ceremony at the core of Hinduism.

Hindu public religious ceremonies in Bali are different with a festive ceremony Hindu religion in India, Nepal and the Hindu countries. You will be fascinated by Balinese gamelan (musical parade) when a Hindu ceremony in Bali running along the countryside, along the shore with the background a beautiful sunset.

Hindu ceremony, Hindu Bali ceremony
Barong in Melasti ceremony. Image:

Traditional and religious ceremonies in Bali can be found at the home of Bali, at a temple in the village, such as wedding ceremonies, praying in the temple with ornaments and offerings of flowers, fruits and cookies in the Hindu temple with traditional Balinese architecture.

fire dance, pendet dance, rejang dance, balinese sacred dance, tari sakral Bali
Sacred dance in BaliImage:
 In particular ceremony you can watch rare sacred dance, a dance performed only in a religious ceremony. Dance in Bali is divided into dance for entertainment and dance for religious ceremonies (ritual). Sacred dance that maybe you can see is the Rejang dance, Baris Gede Dance or Dance Sang Hyang Jaran or fire dance, as you can see in the photo in this article. You do not need to worry because there are some sacred dance has also been adopted in the live entertainment, so you can see it in various places in Bali such as Barong Dance or Kecak Dance. 

You will feel peace in an atmosphere of a ceremony led by Pedanda (High Priest) or Pemangku. You can photograph any series of ceremonies with your digital camera or your video camera. You will bring fond memories to your country.