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Budget Holiday in Style

If you’re visiting Bali, you don’t have to think about “expensive”. Many “backpackers” can enjoy a long holiday in Bali, sometimes longer than a week. They know how to find a low-budget place to stay, low-budget food, and even low budget transportation to enjoy, such as bicycles and motorbikes. Some hotels — and even some people rent some of their rooms for low budget tourists.

If you’re renting someone’s room for a stay, congratulations — you’re in a home stay program. You can find these locations all over Bali; from towns to villages. These people are used to receive backpackers even though they sometimes can’t speak in English fluently. But they know your currency, especially dollars, so don’t worry about payment. If you got some extra cash, you can pick your hotel, from the lowest — I mean lowest — budget to the luxurious five stars hotels. You can even choose the classy and elegant boutique hotels. They are unique to other kinds of hotels, with not many rooms, but real exclusive. You can find these hotels all over Bali. Budget holiday in style? Yes, why not?

Some favorite locations are Bukit Jambul, Besakih Temple, Gunung Agung, Seminyak, Tirta Gangga, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Ubud, Lovina beach, Candi Dasa, Tanah Lot, Bedugul, and lots more. Souvenirs are also abundant throughout Bali, mostly traditional handiwork. Expect to find a wide variety of goods, from traditional clothing to wood carving and even kites. No matter what you do in Bali, remember to stay cool and relax. The Balinese people are known to have a rather laid-back personality, but can offer world class service. The Balinese people are exposed to many kinds of cultures from the outside world, and the many cultures actually interact well with the Balinese culture. But their culture remains unchanged, and it still exists in harmony with other cultures.

No matter what you choose, just relax. Bali, as a tropical island, only has two kinds of season, the dry season and the rain season. Even when it’s raining, you can still feel the warm sun or see the sun sets and rises in several spots. Feeling like surfing? No problem. Bali is the heaven of surfing and seafood. Kuta has been the main choice for world class surfers visiting Bali. The Jimbaran beach near Kuta offers a wide variety of local and international food, mainly seafood. Remember to enjoy a beautiful dinner at Jimbaran beach, especially with your spouse, friends, or lover. It’s unforgettable.

You can travel to Bali by land, sea, and air. Just go to the travel agent, so you will get more information.


Kay Husna Kadir said...

Great stuffs on Bali!! I wish I could have stayed longer on the island during my trip March 2008.

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alex said...

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alex said...

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Camiliwi said...

Thank you for your post, I suppose Bali is a place or something, well I've never been there. Keep reading my blog :) take care !

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